Recruiting Spirit-filled BIG Mama's for Christ

I Remember a time when large families lived in one place, and you knew all your neighbors. Those were the days when advice from elders was easy to come by. Today, many of us are separated from our families by physical distance and an ever-widening technological gap between generations. Have you noticed how these new ways of communicating often leave older generations behind and divert our attention away from them? SIS want to do our part to bridge this ever-widening generational divide. We want to bring good old-fashioned life advice to where you already are—in transit, washing the dishes, or on the run. 


About BIG Mama’s

Advice from our Big Mama’s come from stories from past life experiences and growth in Christ. Our Big Mamas are here for anyone who need or want some seasoned advice on a big life question or a little help getting “unstuck” from an emotionally tricky situation.

“Advice is like a design solution for our feelings.” Ask our Big Mamas whatever you like because, as Big Mama’s says, “The only problems are the ones we can’t talk about!”.

Our Big Mamas are so special for all of us. No woman can compare to a loving and caring mom.  Our Big Mamas are the best for many reasons, they tell it like it is. They cook the best food, they teach us how to be strong in Christ, and they love everyone and everything.

Give your Big Mama a call today in just say; “I was thinking about you today."  Show her you care by acknowledging her value in your life.  And if you don’t have a Big Mama around, take someone who is like a Big Mama out to bunch, lunch, or dinner. Don’t wait for Mother’s Day or her Birthday, do it now – tomorrow is not promise.


"BIG Mama's don't Play with the devil"